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While we gear up for its launch and work on developing the database, you can pre-register for free and stay ahead of the curve.

How it works

  1. Biogas users register and report the functionality status of their biogas system.

  2. A technician in the area is promptly notified about the faulty system, visits the site, assesses the problem, prepares a quotation for the repair, and submits it to BiogasUnite (BU).

  3. BU offers the repair of this system to the responsible organization. Upon their confirmation to support the repair, the process is activated.

  4. The technician proceeds to repair the system, and once the repair is completed, the user reports it.

  5. Additional proof of repair and continued functionality is provided through a remote monitoring system.

  6. The data is made available to the funding organization.

  7. BU is compensated for the match-making service, and the technician is paid for the repair service.