UNITING For biogas

The growing team

Katrin Pütz

Kimberley A. Netshivhale

Hazir Farouk A. Elhaj

The vision of BiogasUnite is to eliminate the occurrence of failing biogas systems. We firmly believe in entrepreneurship and strive to unite all stakeholders in the development of thriving, equitable markets. This includes reducing dependence on aid funding.



Our mission centers around the BiogasUnite database, which serves as the central hub for coordinating the repair and maintenance of all biogas systems across Africa. Access to this data enables governments and international organizations to develop supportive programs.
Existing, but broken biogas digesters can be repaired with a fraction of the time and money spent on constructing them. The immediate benefits are: 160.000 cubic meters of firewood and 8 million kilos of charcoal can be saved within 2 years, in total about 5 million square meters of forest and the health of up to 1 million people.


Our valuable partners

We believe in collaboration and welcome partners to join us in our quest for making biogas work.