We are African biogas entrepreneurs, African and international organizations, international biogas companies, influencers, and activists. We are professionals joining forces with a commitment to increasing accessibility to biogas across Africa.
 We are excited and enthusiastic about biogas and its potential. It is unbearable to see biogas production lagging behind this enormous potential of serving a majority of Africans with a clean, renewable, and affordable source of energy. We are advocating a private sector-driven approach and we are paving the way for a level playing field where innovation flourishes and the biogas market is fair and thrives in Africa.



There are more than 100,000 biogas systems paid for and installed under National Biogas Programs alone on the African continent. However, a large number of these systems are not functional. The main reason is that a good customer service is missing. Our aim is to make all biogas systems on the continent work and to keep them running through a wide net of reliable technical service.
Biogas systems are an energy and income-generating technology that makes life easier for their owners if they work. Existing, but broken biogas digesters can be repaired with a fraction of the time and money spent on constructing them. The immediate benefit is: 160.000m3 of firewood and 8 million kg of charcoal can be saved within 2 years. In total about 5 million m2 of forest!



Katrin Pütz






Our mission is to make all existing biogas systems functional and create a fair and protected market for future installations

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