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Our vision for the African Biogas sector

Repair may not sound groundbreaking, but in the context of the current biogas landscape, it's a revolutionary concept. The widespread failure of biogas projects, often propped up by foreign funding, is a direct result of the absence of a robust technical service infrastructure. Recognizing this gap is our innovation. Our mission is to orchestrate the continent-wide revival of these systems. With our database we connect existing biogas technicians with failed biogas systems for immediate repair.

As biogas regains its reputation, we envision a future where clean energy is universally accessible, harnessing Africa's natural resources for economic prosperity while safeguarding the environment. Our long-term goal is to replace traditional cooking fuels with a clean, affordable, and modern energy source, liberating households from smoky kitchens, substantially curbing CO2 emissions and deforestation, and ultimately bolstering the private sector. By promoting sustainable agricultural practices that convert organic waste into biogas and fertilizer, we enhance agricultural productivity and ecological sustainability. BiogasUnite aspires to nurture a competitive industry, championed by dedicated local entrepreneurs, fostering fairness, innovation, and competitiveness within the biogas economy. Our collective commitment is to educate communities and governments about the myriad benefits of biogas while advocating for equitable and reliable conditions for all entrepreneurs. Together, we're shaping a future where clean, sustainable energy is a reality for all.

A biogas system never dies

A biogas system, much like a cow's stomach, can spring back to life even after it has stopped working for a while. It's not dead! 

There is all too often just a leaking connection, a blocked pipe, a crack in the concrete dome or just a rusty ball valve that prevents the gas from reaching the kitchen. And if lack of knowledge is the reason for a system to be abandoned we will provide motivation and training for the user. 

Once biogas users have experienced the revival of the systems, BiogasUnite will be their reliable partner for any future maintenance.
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Opportunity for Biogas Users

  1. Register your biogas system
  2. Receive a one-time free maintenance and repair service
  3. Enjoy a reliable biogas system
  4. Access customer support at all times
  5. Advocate for biogas adoption
  6. Join the biogas revolution

Opportunity for Technicians

  1. Receive professional training and gain BiogasUnite certification
  2. Earn by repairing and servicing biogas systems
  3. Find joy in satisfying customers
  4. Feel motivated by contributing to the biogas revolution
  5. Yearn to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of biogas

The misson beyond repair

Phase 2 of BiogasUnite involves a strategic reorganization of the biogas sector in Africa. 

During this phase, the focus shifts towards bringing together biogas entrepreneurs from across the continent with local governments to collectively shape the future of the biogas industry. 

We will expand the database to serve governments and international organizations. Its purpose is to assist local governments in crafting supportive policies for the private sector while maintaining control over foreign aid inflow. The database consolidates data on programs, projects, funding offers, and carbon offset payments, offering customized insights to various stakeholders. This promotes market understanding and enables strategic sector management, unlike the random aid-driven approach. Long-term customer support is assured for all biogas system users. Organizations operating on project-based models should access BiogasUnite's services to guarantee long-term support of biogas users. It also aids governments in sharing information and developing strategies. Through our technical support and collaborative approach, BiogasUnite advances the African biogas sector effectively.

Opportunity for Governments

  1. Policy Development and Support: Crafting and implementing supportive policies is crucial for fostering a thriving biogas sector. Policies can create an enabling environment for biogas adoption, addressing issues such as financial incentives, regulatory frameworks, and safety standards.
  2. Data Access and Informed Decision-Making: By leveraging BiogasUnite's extensive database, governments can access valuable insights into the number, location, and performance of biogas systems. This data enables evidence-based decision-making, helping governments prioritize support for regions or sectors with the most significant potential for biogas development.
  3. Program Collaboration and Technical Expertise: Governments can partner with BiogasUnite to develop and implement programs that support biogas deployment. This may include collaboration on financing mechanisms, technical training, and quality assurance. BiogasUnite can also provide expert technical assistance to ensure that biogas projects meet high standards of safety and efficiency.

Opportunities for donors

  1. Outsource customer service: for ending and newly established biogas projects with limited project duration, donors can outsource long-term customer service to BiogasUnite
  2. Show responsibility for repair: biogas projects that have ended can be reported to BiogasUnite with the aim to arrange maintenance and repair for the project beneficiaries.
  3. Align and promote own programs: the database provides easy access to policies and national agendas by country, thus allowing donors to align own initiatives and promote them on the platform