We have a dream for biogas in Africa

BiogasUnite unites all stakeholders in the biogas sector, aiming to elevate biogas to new heights. Drawing on over two decades of experience and a growing private sector, BiogasUnite provides a platform to coordinate joint efforts. This spans from a Pan-African repair service to market expansion, poised to grant biogas access to 300 million people across Africa. Through collaboration and innovation, we are not just setting a vision; we are actively shaping a future where biogas becomes accessible to communities across the continent.



Biogas holds the power to light up the lives of over 300 million people in Africa with clean cooking energy! But here's the harsh truth: a staggering 60-80 percent of biogas systems lie dormant or abandoned. Local entrepreneurs fight an uphill battle against unfair competition, market distortion, and a tarnished reputation. 

We say, enough is enough! Because biogas is nothing short of magical. Join us in rewriting this narrative and unleashing the true potential of biogas for Africa.
We meticulously map every existing biogas system across Africa, leaving no system unnoticed. We invest in training programs for biogas technicians and entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills needed for effective repair and maintenance. We actively coordinate and execute repairs for all underperforming or failed biogas systems, ensuring they're back in operation. We commit to providing reliable and affordable customer service, offering assistance and support whenever needed.

Customer service is the game changer.


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